Be Mused Productions specializes in creative, educational entertainment for audiences of all ages. Serving the New York tri-state area for the past 15 years, Be Mused Productions has provided musical theatre workshops, live concerts, interactive programs, storytelling events, arts & crafts activities, and historical performance groups. Be Mused Productions is committed to the enrichment of the lives of children, seniors and families through education and entertainment in the arts!

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Words of Appreciation for Be Mused Productions

  • "The biggest growth in the business has been in performances for seniors. Breden puts on a program in which she focuses on music seniors remember, such as Broadway show tunes, and mixes her own singing with recordings and talking about particular performers or musical trivia."

    - Westchester County Business Journal

  • "We love it!"

  • "My daughter loved the entire experience.  Her confidence is growing.  Thank you!"