Kid Korner

Be Mused Productions creates special events for children. Creative Crafts, Pinewood Derby Car Races, Interactive Storytelling and many other activities are perfect for holiday celebrations, school programs and private parties.

CD - Picture This Event Life Size Pop-Up StoryBooks Workshops
Be Mused Productions' Life Size Pop-Up StoryBooks are giant, interactive story books perfect for children of all ages. Eight feet tall, these storyboard panels are complete with 3D appliqué, movable parts and discovery windows. Live performers enhance the storytelling using narration and musical sing-along, to encourage children to participate. Your favorite stories come to life before your very eyes!!! Life Size Pop-Up StoryBooks are available as prepackaged performances or individual workshop programs. The Life Size Pop-Up StoryBook Workshop promotes literacy through theatre, music, dance/movement and visual arts. The StoryBook Workshop provides an ideal arena for a mentoring program, teaching life skills and offering marketable job training. In addition, this creative arts literacy program offers students new ways of communicating in a bilingual setting, helps to build self-confidence, develops critical thinking and problem solving skills and encourages teamwork and imagination. The Life Size Pop-Up StoryBook Workshop can be adjusted to fit any schedule. Children will write, design, illustrate, build, narrate, add music, create props and costumes, and participate in a live performance of their own giant book. This creative literacy project is perfect for schools, after school programs and summer camps.

Pinewood DerbyPinewood Derby Race Car Workshops Pinewood Car DisplayPinewood Car Display
Be Mused Productions presents Pinewood Derby Race Car Workshops. The workshop consists of a hands-on demonstration and instruction of the assembly of Pinewood Derby Race Cars. Upon completion, all racers compete on an official Pine Wood Derby Race Track. Car kits and offical track are also available through be Mused Productions, but are not included in the workshop fee.

Annie 2008 - Coachman Performance
Annie 2008 - Coachman Performance

Musical Theater Workshops

Be Mused Productions produces and directs children and teen musical theatre workshops.   For more information go to our Workshops page.

CD - Lady bug
Creative Arts and Crafts Workshops
Be Mused Productions specializes in historical and educational entertainment and offers a variety of arts and crafts workshops perfect for schools, private parties, summer camps and special occasions. Art is for the Birds: Children create hand-made bird feeders using recycled juice cartons. (recycling, environment, visual arts) Water babies: Children create and decorate shapes of wildlife found in a river. All shapes will be added to a RIVER LIFE mobile. (environment, pollution awareness, visual and theatre arts) Musical Concentration: Children work in pairs to visually create matching pictures representing specific songs. These works of art will be used in a game of concentration, discovering the pair, as well as identifying the tune of the song. (visual art, music, cooperation) Singing Coloring Books: This literacy activity focuses on rhyming words. The children help to create a strophic rhyming story, which is set to music. Each verse becomes a “page” in a coloring book, reproduced in the classroom, which the children illustrate. (literacy, visual arts, music, storytelling Stick Puppets: Children design and decorate animal shapes of thick cardboard, which are mounted and used as puppets in musical and storytelling activities. (visual arts, music, storytelling, technical) Bonnets & Baskets: Children personalize their own bonnets and baskets for holiday enjoyment. (arts & crafts, visual arts, holiday recognition) Theater at your Fingertips: Children create their own “brown bag” hand puppets, which will be used in a mini-theatre play. (visual arts, theatre arts, cooperation, self discovery) Classroom Quilts: Children design and prepare their individual quilting square, complete with personal “embedded” information. All squares become part of the Classroom Quilt, which can be used as a seating chart. (arts & crafts, mathematics, self discovery, spatial awareness) Brighten our Communitree: Children create decorations for their own sapling evergreen tree, with careful instructions about care and planting. (conservation, reclamation efforts, arts & crafts)