Be Mused Productions is delighted to announce a brand new Children’s Theatre Company. The company is designed to serve families and children in the tri-state area. Be Mused Children's Theatre Company offers musical theatre workshops which are performance oriented, however, they do not require any previous experience or skill level. All children learn musical theatre craft and skills such as stage deportment, memorization, projection, and excellent diction. Children work in a traditional musical theatre setting with a director, musical director and choreographer, learning lines, developing characters, comprehending blocking/staging, practicing choreography/dance steps, and learning music and healthy vocal technique. All workshops culminate in a live stage performance complete with costumes, props and scenery. In addition to these standards of musical theatre education, the workshops provide opportunities for building self confidence, personal growth, problem solving, team work and family values.

Our Workshops: WeeMusicals! ~ BeMusicals! ~ FamilyMusicals! ~ TeenMusicals!
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